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FELDER GROUP AUSTRALIA woodworking machines from Format Sliding Table Saws to Dust Extractors

FORMAT-4® - V-motion - vacuum lifting system

The V-motion vacuum lifting system from FORMAT-4

Facilitate lifting heavy and bulky panel materials when fitting your machines in a one-man operation.

FORMAT-4® - V-motion - vacuum lifting system
FORMAT-4® - V-motion - vacuu...

The V-motion vacuum lifting system from FORMAT-4

Welcome to the FELDER GROUP

60 Years of FELDER - Woodworking machines from Austria

FELDER FD21 professional

The multi boring machine for precise and accurate operation!

FORMAT-4® profit H10

Cutting foam with c-tech

Felder AF12

Save time! Change the chip bag in just 15 seconds


Ceramic bandsaw blade guide

How to make a Wooden Bed with Felder

Learn a little more about woodworking with this detailed video on how to make a European wooden...

FORMAT-4 profit H08 with unloading station

CNC-Nesting - Efficiency in the smallest of spaces

Do It Yourself video: Producing a designer chair

Step by step we go through how by using a HAMMER N4400 bandsaw, a couple of hand tools you too...

Silent-POWER® - Comparison spiral knife cutterblock - Felder planing machines

The new Silent-POWER® spiral knife cutterblock, exclusively for planing machines from the FELDER...

FORMAT-4 c-express 920

CNC drilling and milling centre


Clean workshop - Clean workpiece - good for your health

Silent-POWER® - Spiral knife Cutterblock

The silent cutterblock unique for new FELDER, HAMMER and FORMAT-4 jointers and/or planers.

The Silent-POWER® spiral cutterblock

Incredibly quiet. Noise levels reduced by 50 %!

FORMAT-4 perfect 608

Premium Edgebander perfect 608

FORMAT-4 Standard: Software FlashSimulator

3D CNC real time simulation incl. collision detection. You stay safe!

FORMAT-4 CNC Special projects

Simple production of complex designs - the impossible made possible


Table Saw, how to use the sliding table

The winning combination

Perfect Woodworking with Combination Machines - a close Experience of all the Details and...


Membrane press

FORMAT-4 exact 63

630 mm planing width meets every requirement!


Take a look at the N4400 Bandsaw in action.

HAMMER B3 Winner

Saw - Spindle combination machine

DIY Hot tub of wood, made with FELDER® woodworking machines

Built together with us this highlight for fun, joy and relaxation, In this do-it-yourself video...

FELDER FD21 professional - working

Maximum precision when dowel boring with the Felder FD 21 professional.

Join us on a tour through one of the Felder-Group showrooms

Discover a world of woodworking products.

FORMAT-4 profit H10

Cabinet construction | Clamex-P

MF Spindle System

Spindle shaft quick change system

FAT 300 - Height adjustable FELDER working table

Machinery equipment vehicle, storage assistance, stacking cart or additional workspace, etc

FELDER Bandsaw FB 510 / FB 610

The mid-range professional bandsaws from FELDER

The great value multi-purpose bandsaws

Take an in depth look at the technical details and multiple uses of the Hammer N3800 and N4400...

FORMAT-4 profit H08

The profit H08 from Format-4 is the CNC machining centre for professional nesting applications in...

Silent-POWER® - Comparison spiral knife cutterblock

The new Silent-POWER® spiral knife cutterblock, exclusively for planing machines from the FELDER...

FELDER FB 740/940 RS

Industrial band resaws that offer unbeatable performance, great equipment and high feeder and...


The ideal filter solution for every workshop


The multi boring machine for precise and accurate operation!

FORMAT-4 profit H10

Panel cutting, drilling and milling in any shape desired, all in one process!

FELDER Group: Behind the scenes

Over 55 Years of Innovation - Quality and Precision made in Austria!

FORMAT-4 CNC Cabinet design

Flash 3D, the cabinet software. Planing and construction of furniture in a whole new dimension.

Perfect 710 “Premium” ­edgebander

Productivity, versatility and precision in one!

FORMAT-4 CNC-Software

FlashFrame - the FORMAT-4 Window-Software


Corner rounding machine



HW-WP IV 78 Window tooling from FELDER

Manufacturing windows has never been so easy


Perfection in woodworking with the Hammer combination machine.

FORMAT-4 CNC potential check

CNC will be the standard machine of the future. CNC removes limitations.